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About Valley Allies

A better world starts right here.

Valley Allies is a Golden Valley, MN group of grassroots activists working for change. We work independently as well as in partnership with other grassroots groups and the DFL for coordinated engagement and action.

Since we began in 2016 we have been involved in numerous initiatives for change locally here in Golden Valley, as well as at the state level.


This website serves as an information hub for local and state activism. Please drop us a line to find out more! 

We must learn that passively to accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil – Dr. Martin Luther King


  • Encourage active, joyful and meaningful participation in the democracy we all share

  • Empower individuals that are hopeless or cynical about politics by providing a welcoming invitation and easy access point for local and state involvement

  • Break isolation and build community, mutual support and power around political issues that affect our lives

  • Attend to hyper-local/city issues like affordable housing, inclusive and welcoming communities and the environment

  • Build cross-connection with other activist groups

  • Support and amplify anti-racism efforts led by people of color in local/state politics

  • Support and amplify the efforts of our elected legislators in their progressive work during the session

  • Engagement and select endorsements in local GV elections (council, school board)

SINCE 2016

Valley Allies first came together in 2016 to resist the 45th president's agenda in coordination with other resistance groups. We did this in a number of ways including...

Coordinated with the ACLU's People Power initiative to successfully advocate for change Golden Valley policing policy. Amendments in the policy now help protect undocumented neighbors from unjust arrests and unconstitutional persecution by ICE. More info here. Also advocated for the adoption of a formal welcome statement which the city rolled out in 2018.

Produced a guide to local city council and school board elections and worked on GOTV for Golden Valley city council—and we have been involve with city elections ever since (door-knocking, meet and greets, etc.)

Followed Indivisible Guide to resist the administration's agenda at all levels of government through protests, town hall meetings, contacting legislators and other targeted action

Postcard writing for Doug Jones and other national candidates in special elections

Completed feedback tool kit for Golden Valley's Comprehensive Planning 2040, with our priorities on affordable housing, sustainable development and diversity initiatives

Education about personal economic activism as well as backyard activism

Basic democracy education — what's a SD? How does the DFL endorsing cycle work? What is the VAN? Why is census important? How does this whole thing work?

Additional education opportunities/trainings etc. on the DFL caucus and convention system, several members attended caucus and went on to the convention

Attended meetings with other action groups to learn about issues and efforts impacting immigrant rights, civil rights, reproductive rights and more.


Partner with local BIPOC-led community initiatives such as Sweet Potato Comfort Pie

Worked in many State Rep campaigns as well as some key Hennepin County campaigns including work for Irene Fernando, Angela Conley, and County Attorney.


We continue to work on local elections, state elections, and occasional elections of national interest. We also work on city elections in neighboring cities such as Minnetonka, Brooklyn Park, Crystal and Robbinsdale.

Lots and lots and lots of snacktivism! Not familiar with snacktivism? Come to a meeting to find out more :)

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