June 6, 2017

Last week, as expected, 45 withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. The immediate response was for states and cities to ignore him and continue with their personal commitment to sustainability. I'm starting to think ignoring this "President" as much as possible is probably the best way to deal with him. So, how about you? How can we follow the lead of our states and cities and commit to a cleaner environment. The group that has the GREATEST impact on climate change is consumers. It's a power we are slow to grasp, and even slower to leverage, but the truth is corporations are extremely responsive to consumer demand. So let's ignore politics and focus on influencing corporations for a moment. I've waited a long time for a strong consumer activism wing of the Left to take shape. Let this nightmare presidency be what starts it. When you feel powerless politically, take charge as a consumer. We have a lot of buying power, let's use it and lead the way. Let's start today with

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May 9, 2018

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