July 30, 2017

I tried to go for the most jarringly ironic title possible with this post. Honestly, what could be more un-American than a campaign targeting immigrants in country of immigrants. Immigration has been a demographic force in this country since Europeans decided to come here and wrest if from the Native people. Immigration has always shaped America, and it continues to. The problem is, to be blunt, some people don't like where it's going.

In 2055 white people will not longer hold the demographic majority in this country. In fact, there will be no one "race" that has the majority of the population. And this is due, overwhelmingly, to immigration. This is, to say the least, upsetting some people, and 45 has effectively tapped into that upset.

More than any other issue, 45's campaign and presidency has been a focused attack on immigrants. It was his first act as president to sign an executive order greatly expanding the scenarios under which people could be detained, arrested or deported, as w...

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