February 28, 2018

One of the basic best practices of any progressive effort should be to amplify and follow the lead of people of color. In that spirit, I took a quick survey of people of color currently serving in our state legislature, and their pick for governor. Responses were either given directly or are public information.

House of Representatives

Mary Kunesh-Podein (41B) – ERIN MURPHY
Jamie Becker-Finn (42B) – TIM WALZ
Peggy Flanagan (46A) – TIM WALZ
Erin Maye Quade (57A) – ERIN MURPHY
Fue Lee (59A) – UNDECIDED
Ilhan Omar (60B) – ERIN MURPHY
Susan Allen (62B) – ERIN MURPHY
Rena Moran (65A) – No answer or public info
Carlos Mariani (65B) – ERIN MURPHY


Melisa Franzen  – ERIN MURPHY
Bobby Joe Champion  – No answer or public info
Jeff Hayden  – UNDECIDED
Patricia Torres Ray  – UNDECIDED
Foung Hawj  – UNDECIDED


Total surveyed: 14

No answer or public info: 3

Undecided: 4

Erin Murphy: 6

Tim Walz: 2


A summary of the League of Women Voters "legislative preview" I attended:

First on deck: Dealing with Dayton’s veto last session of the legislature’s funding. This was upheld by the MN Supreme Court, and the legislature only has enough money to operate for a short time. They'll need to negotiate a solution with the Governor and pass funding quickly. If they can’t, it’s back to court.

Bonding Bill: Every biennium (two-year period), the legislature passes a big bonding bill. This pays for infrastructure (mostly physical things like roads, buildings, etc.). In 2017 they passed a bonding bill, but it was just catching up on the previous session’s bonding bill that failed to pass. So, a big part of this session will be taken up with passing a bonding bill. Expect the Republicans to want a small bonding bill and the DFL to want a big bonding bill.

The Lieutenant Governor Issue. You’ll recall Dayton appointed Tina Smith to fill Al Franken’s seat. Under the MN Constitution, the President Pro Tem...

February 3, 2018

“The world belongs to those who show up”  – Sen. Jack Davies

Your Senate District caucus represents the kick-off event that eventually leads to the State Convention, the adoption of resolutions as party platform, and endorsements of party candidates. There are no final outcomes from this caucus (for example the vote tally for governor is more of a "temperature check" on candidates and doesn't lead to any official endorsements or kick anyone out of the race), but, like your favorite video game, you can't go on the the next level without attending this one. The most important things you'll do at your caucus are:

• Sign up to be a delegate if you want to go on to the conventions – there are SD conventions, county conventions AND city conventions. Whoah, a whole lotta conventions!

• Vote for governor

• Introduce a resolution if you feel strongly about something!

Here's a really simple look at the stepping stones to the State Convention, where things are finalized. A more complete outline of th...

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