March 30, 2018

A lot of times people vote based on party line without looking at policy or actual legislative action. To remedy that, I want people to at least be aware of what their GOP reps are doing so they can contact them or otherwise hold them accountable and make an informed choice in November.

Gun violence is a bi-partisan issue, but last week, once again GOP legislators halted two popular common-sense gun control bills which have broad bi-partisan support. Here are the specifics:

HF 1605 was introduced by Dave Pinto 2/23/17. This bill would allow law enforcement and family members to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others. This is something that many police officers support.

HF 1669 was introduced by Dave Pinto on 2/23/17. It requires a criminal background check when transferring a firearm to someone (such as selling to a friend). This also has bi-partisan support.

Because the GOP has control of what bills are...

As Democrats prepare to caucus in Minnesota, one of the hot topics is superdelegates. Some want 'em gone. Others want 'em to stay put. Some frame the issue as the "establishment" protecting itself, others frame it as an important stopgap against having what just happened to the GOP happen to the Democratic party. Surprisingly, this is the stance the uber-leftie Politico seems to take.

In 2016, a little-publicized letter from the Congressional Black Caucus also stated their unanimous support for Superdelegates. The reason is clear: Superdelegates preserve the influence of "minority" populations, influence that would be mitigated by a majority rule system. Since the African American community is the backbone of the Democratic party, their words need to be carefully read and heard.

We also need to reach out and dig deep to have these difficult discussions respectfully. So let's take a look.

Summary of the Superdelegate point/counterpoints from guest-author, Joy Nicolai.

To further the discuss...

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