April 30, 2018

The Hennepin county DFL endorsing convention is speeding our way, May 19, 2018. Up on the ballot? Criminal justice reform in the form of two progressive candidates challenging two extremely entrenched ones.

The Sheriff's race and the County Attorney race may not be the headline-grabbers, but they are arguably two of the most impactful races on the ticket for anyone who comes into contact with the criminal justice system – a system that putters along in a deep groove of bias as it has for the last decade plus under both sheriff Stanek and Mike Freeman. While Stanek is a known Trumper and ICE collaborator (more on the sheriff's race here), Freeman is quieter, but also has his critics. His handling of the Jamar Clark case (in which he skipped the grand jury and decided against charging the officers who killed Clark) sparked weekly "Freeman Friday" protests. And this article names him one of three of "America's worst Democratic prosecutors."

Even assuming that this is purely coincidental, it...

April 7, 2018

Dave Hutchinson is fighting the good fight. But he needs us to win it.

Down-ballot races that happen at the county level rarely receive media attention. Those are the items on the ballot you learn about for the first time when you walk into the voting booth and say to yourself "I have no idea who any of these people are." But there's one name you should keep in mind, one man who could change a lot of people's lives for the better: Dave Hutchinson.

Dave Hutchinson is fighting an uphill battle to unseat the reigning Trump-supporter and sheriff of Hennepin County, Richard W. Stanek, a smooth operator who has held the position for the last 12 years (took office January 2007). He has a track record of blatant racism, and, like many racists, a smooth and charming persona. Most people don't actually know he is a Trump supporter.

Richard Stanek's track record as Hennepin County Sheriff:

  • Deployed Hennepin County police to Standing Rock to help suppress protestors, a bizarre, non-county-related...

April 6, 2018

Now that we have our endorsed candidates for almost all MN congressional districts, we can start making things happen!

First steps! Amplify, social media-fy, donate. Like their FB page and follow on Twitter. Research shows people take people that have large followings more seriously, and it's easy to do! Also spread the word about the endorsed candidates, get to know their issues and spend some time on their pages. Of course, donate if you can. This isn't the time to be under-spent. If you can't donate, start talking. Tweet 'em, Facebook 'em, and old-school chat about 'em with your neighbors!

Door-knocking and other activities start in June – the #1 thing we've heard from candidates about what they need is help getting to all their doors. So get outside your comfort zone, you are needed! If every Democrat in Minnesota donates one day of door-knocking in these flipable districts, we'll be in fantastic shape.


The Governor's Race: Help elect Walz/Flannagan. Although truth be told, th...

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