July 20, 2018

Here's what happens when no one pays attention to elections (*raises hand) especially the "down-ballot" elections like the County races (*waves hand). In a country where we struggle to get people to the midterms, here's where apathy leads us at the county level:

Hennepin County, the most diverse and supposedly progressive of the 87 counties in MN, has a pro-ICE Trumper as its sheriff. The County Attorney is a man who has been named one of the worst three prosecutors in the country, and has sparked weekly Freeman Friday protests. And the County Commission, which oversees a 2.4 billion (!) dollar budget for programs affecting all of us, has been comprised entirely of white folks since its inception in 1852. Female members were elected only recently (the first was in the 1970's).

How is it such a progressive and diverse county has such regressive representation at the county level? Simple! No one pays attention. Until now. So let's change that by waking up to what's going on at the county...

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May 9, 2018

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