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August 21, 2019

While the leftie world spins out on 2020 (an election that's over a year away), the GOP does what it always does: Strategically and intelligently focuses on winning seats in city government. A key part of GOP strategy is their focus and determination around winning city seats (city councils, school boards), particularly in solid blue areas where it's hard to win seats that are higher-profile. Victories in these seats have real consequences – not only in setting the rules we all live by in our cities, but also as a launchpad for higher office.

There are amazing progressive candidates running, including a large number of progressive people of color and women, but they are largely running alone – unsupported, under-funded. This is not going to work if we want real change – both immediate and long-term.

City elections matter – a lot!

City Councils/School Boards:

  • Decide where the money/resources go

  • Oversee and police departments and implement reforms

  • Oversee education (!) in your...

August 12, 2019

While racism is a problem in any political party, the persecution of immigrants has been the defining platform of this administration. And it is no coincidence that immigration is also the #1 agenda item of the Alt Right as well (specifically, reversing the 1965 Immigration Act, which further opened immigration to non-whites and started the shifts in demographics that we see to this day. See this article). While many talk about the president's "racism", it is our opinion that 45 is an organized, moneyed, highly connected Alt Right activist, and a powerful leader in the international white supremacy movement (which also includes Putin). Although racism effects all politics, in this specific agenda and connection, Trump is unique. It is also no coincidence that the Alt Right had a "coming out" party in Charlottesville on Trump's watch, escalated to violence in El Paso, and continues to grow. In fact, the Alt Right has always been a force for terror in this country, and unless it is under...

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