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Caucus guide 2018!

“The world belongs to those who show up” – Sen. Jack Davies

Your Senate District caucus represents the kick-off event that eventually leads to the State Convention, the adoption of resolutions as party platform, and endorsements of party candidates. There are no final outcomes from this caucus (for example the vote tally for governor is more of a "temperature check" on candidates and doesn't lead to any official endorsements or kick anyone out of the race), but, like your favorite video game, you can't go on the the next level without attending this one. The most important things you'll do at your caucus are:

• Sign up to be a delegate if you want to go on to the conventions – there are SD conventions, county conventions AND city conventions. Whoah, a whole lotta conventions!

• Vote for governor

• Introduce a resolution if you feel strongly about something!

Here's a really simple look at the stepping stones to the State Convention, where things are finalized. A more complete outline of the process is at the bottom of this page.

You are allowed to come, cast a vote for governor, then leave if you are short of time. And I've heard you can also sign up to be a delegate and leave, but I'm a little unsure about that. If you really want to be a delegate or have a resolution, common sense would suggest you stay for the whole shebang!

Here's a fun article on how a caucus resolution becomes a plank in the party platform.


1) Know who you want to vote for in the governor's race. Here's a post that MinnPost is updating about candidates.

2) Know your precinct number and caucus location. Once at your caucus, it can be hard to find the right room if you don't know your precinct number. Look it up here (gives you both your precinct number and where your caucus is).

3) If you have a resolution, make two copies, and completely fill out everything on the top sections. Leave the vote result section un-checked (adopted or defeated). Pro tip: Be sure the vote result is recorded (i.e. "adopted" or "defeated"). Keep your eye on your convener during the vote at caucus and make sure he/she marks it. If needed mark your extra copy then confirm with the convener. A lot of resolutions apparently get tossed because the adopted/defeated area is not checked.

Resolution forms are here; Scroll to "Forms for Attendees at the Caucuses" then click the link for "Resolution (Form)" for a downloadable .pdf. And here's a quick video on what makes a good resolution.

4) Share your resolutions with friends and ask them to bring your resolution to their caucus. The more widely a resolution is introduced, the better chance it has of going all the way to the State Convention.

5) Don't be too early, doors don't generally open before 6:15pm.

Other fun stuff happens at caucuses, like candidates talk, people get to hold forth about their resolutions, and I'm assuming there will be delicious snacks but I could be mistaken (if that's the case, I know what my resolution will be next year!).

See you there.

A detailed map of the long and winding road through the SD/CD conventions, thanks Janice! NOTE: There are also county and city conventions where important endorsements are decided. Consider signing up to be a delegate to those as well. They don't conflict if you want to attend SD conventions as well (they're on different days).

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