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Guide to Minneapolis City Elections 11/7/2017!

The first step in building better Democrats is getting in the habit of voting city elections! These council member, park board members, school board etc. have a TON of practical power in decisions that will effect the city for years to come.

On November 7, 2017 Minneapolis will elect a mayor, 13 seats on the city council, members of the board of estimate and taxation, and 9 members of the park & recreation board.


Find out what ward you're in here.


Find your district here.

Once you have your info, here's a handy guide! The candidate with the most endorsements is listed first in each section. NOTE: Races that have GOP challengers have those challengers in red. It's especially important to vote unified in those elections (go with the candidate with the DFL and other endorsements). In the City Council races, those with GOP contenders are Ward 6, 7 and 10. In the Park Board races, those races are Park Board At Large (two GOP-endorsed candidates) and District 6. You'll see it all spelled out in the guide.

Sources: ballotpedia, minneapolis dfl, NOC, Take Action MN

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