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On Keith Ellison: Let's not punch ourselves in the face again, ok?

Sometimes on the left we like our reality custom-made to our feelings and comfort level.

Tom Foley jumping into the AG race is great example of someone creating options that don't exist so that someone can have better feels. It's a useless, privileged and dangerous act that reinforces the idea that we have the right or even the power to alter reality to our liking vs. face it and deal with it. You might as well stay home and write "Beyonce for AG" in your diary as vote for Tom Foley.

Here's the thing: On November 7th we will have an AG, it will either be Keith Ellison or Doug Wardlow. Think carefully. Tell your friends. Help them get real about this.

We don't even really have time for a deep discussion, but the argument that this is hypocrisy is false. Keith is not Brett Kavanaugh, and this is not group-think. We are watching the collapse of our democracy under the radicalization of white supremacy and white domestic terrorism. Keith is also a victim, white supremacist abuse is also abuse and he's seen plenty of it. Yes it matters to me the nuance and nature of the allegations and the investigation findings and blah blah, but even if he'd been found guilty, he would not be Brett Kavanaugh and this would not be a real comparison. Why? Because Brett wants to advance the Trump agenda and Keith is an ally to the marginalized and always has been. The end.

Bottom line: Electing a white supremacist who terrorizes LGBT people is not going to help women's rights or the metoo movement. It is going to set us way, way backwards. Don't let them confuse us. Don't lose focus about what's really happening in this country and let them use our own values against us. We are SO easily confused and gaslighted and sent off into fits of discussion and analysis; Hold the line, get to work, and let's get this done.

And for the love of all that is decent in the State of Minnesota vote Keith. Keith is impeachable, Keith can be held accountable, Keith can be asked to prove himself when in office. Wardlow would be an unholy nightmare for MN.

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