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Fight the right: Practical resistance against white supremacy

While racism is a problem in any political party, the persecution of immigrants has been the defining platform of this administration. And it is no coincidence that immigration is also the #1 agenda item of the Alt Right as well (specifically, reversing the 1965 Immigration Act, which further opened immigration to non-whites and started the shifts in demographics that we see to this day. See this article). While many talk about the president's "racism", it is our opinion that 45 is an organized, moneyed, highly connected Alt Right activist, and a powerful leader in the international white supremacy movement (which also includes Putin). Although racism effects all politics, in this specific agenda and connection, Trump is unique. It is also no coincidence that the Alt Right had a "coming out" party in Charlottesville on Trump's watch, escalated to violence in El Paso, and continues to grow. In fact, the Alt Right has always been a force for terror in this country, and unless it is understood clearly, it always will.

Clarity is the first step. The time for gathering evidence is over. BIPOC already know, but the white left needs to understand that the confusion over this issue is only buying the enemy time. Trump is not just your average racist, and many say the worst is yet to come.

No one can do it all, but everyone can do something. Here are some actions to take - find something that resonates for you:

1) Prepare for the social media onslaught. Trump and his extremists are already planning their social media strategy for 2020. If you think the attempts to split the Dems, encourage people to "Walk Away", create fake accounts as POC or Dems, or encourage sour grapes among the nominee that lost were toxic in 2016, 2020 will make it look like a walk in the park. We ALL must counter any narrative threatening a unified opposition. Narratives win elections, not facts, so prepare yourself and your action groups. Attacks will come from both the Left and Right to split Dem strength.

Speaking of social media, please sign this petition from Move On and Color of Change to demand regulation of hate speech on Twitter.

2) ELECTIONS 2019: There are MANY city-level elections happening in 2019. The GOP has always known this is where it starts. They have always taken city elections seriously and started to build their takeover of this country there. A great way to dismantle white supremacy is to elect progressive BIPOC to positions of power, and many are running. Because the elections are so low-profile and so many are distracted by national politics, a lot of them are running alone. They should be supported 100% - financially, and more importantly with doorknockers and other volunteers - if we are going to get serious about turning things around. Here are several (but not all) BIPOC candidates running on a progressive platform:

Maurice Harris for Golden Valley City Council

Kissy Coakley for Minnetonka City Council

Chauntyll Allen for school board in Saint Paul

Anika Bowie, Saint Paul City Council Ward 1

Mitra Nelson Saint Paul City Council Ward 4

Nadia Mohamed, St. Louis Park City Council

Nelsie Yang St. Paul City Council Ward 6

Miranda Suyapa, St. Paul City Council Ward 5

Additions? Email me at



  • We The Action General, also a specific action program for the crisis in Mississipi

  • Lawyers for Good Government: Run by the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation+ 40 top law firms to help reunite families separated by the administration.

  • Immigrant Law Center: Volunteer for pro bono immigration cases




  • Focus on "passive allies" for the most bang for your buck - people who are decent but uninvolved. Talk to them about the crucial need for all of us to get involved (then send them the suggestions above).

  • Amplify BIPOC leadership by following accounts, sharing, reading, supporting. Remember always LISTEN FIRST, speak second if you are a white ally.

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