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Live in Golden Valley? Find your Senate District, Congressional District and precinct.

The first step in getting involved in the process is to find out where you lie in the electoral maps.

First, find out what senate district you're in: Here's SD46 and here's SD45.

From there, know your precinct number for example you might be in SD45, precinct 2. You'll need to know this to get to the right room at caucus. Check the map below, or check out the Secretary of State's pollfinder info.

Head here to see the caucus and convention schedule for your SD.

Lastly, you're interested in learning more, here are some videos for you!

National Legislature: The Basics. Learn how the country is organized into Congressional Districts, and how the census fits in.

State Legislatures: The Basics. Learn how your state is divided into Senate Districts and Congressional Districts and what it all means

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