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Democratic Caucus and Convention Schedule 2020

Here we go! It's finally 2020, the year we've all been waiting for. Here's our caucus and convention schedule in Golden Valley, MN, and nationally. BUT FIRST: Head here to figure out where you're caucusing according to your senate district and precinct.


In general, the business of the caucuses and convention series is:

  • Election of local party leaders (chairs, secretaries etc., the volunteer electeds who run the party)

  • Election of delegates and alternates to the next level of conventions in the DFL structure

  • Discussion of proposed resolutions to the DFL platform and Action Agenda

  • Endorsement of Candidates

  • Deliberation of party unit constitutional changes

  • Elect Delegates to both the State and National Convention

Less formally, some things that happen are:

  • You meet a lot of people

  • You get to hear from a lot of candidates who constantly pop in and make stump speeches

  • You get inundated with swag – each lobby so far is like a carnival with snacks, bumper stickers and one-pagers being handed out at tables for all the candidates

  • You get to make speeches if you want to be a delegate or to talk about your resolution or issues important to you – somewhat scary yet fun

  • At the State convention there's a big party and you can watch your electeds get their moves on. Last time there was a really good and remarkably un-cheesy Prince tribute band, we'll see what happens this year.

If you've never been, don't be intimidated! It's fun and it generally works like a game of shoots and ladders, or any basic board game – you have to get to one level to move on to the next but it's not too tough!

1) Caucus

At caucus you sign up to go to your Senate District (SD) convention OR your county convention if you're interested in those offices. You also introduce resolutions (resolutions also make their way up the chain to be voted on and either rejected or adopted into the party platform). This year at caucus there will be no organizing around presidential candidates, only the lower-ticket offices. However, this is where you start making your interests known to become a delegate to the national convention.

SD 45 Precinct Caucus: Tuesday February 25th, 6PM - 9PM Cooper High School 8230 47th Ave North. Facebook event.

SD 46 Precinct Caucus: Tuesday February 25th, 6PM - 10PM, Meadowbrook Elementary School 5430 Glenwood Ave, Golden Valley MN 55422. Facebook event.

Or, once again, the caucus finder is here.

** NOTE: THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY IS MARCH 3rd. So it fits into the convention sequence right around here **

2.1) Senate District Convention

At your senate district convention you endorse a House of Rep candidate. If your Senator is up for election, that endorsement is voted on as well. You also get a list of resolutions that were introduced at caucus and vote on them, and start organizing and voting on who is going to State Convention as a delegate or alternate. NOTE: You can always attend state convention as a non-voting observer, so if you don't get elected as a delegate go check it out!

SD 45 Convention: April 4th 8:00:00 AM Cooper High School 8230 47th Ave New Hope 55428

SD 46 Convention: March 14th 9:00:00 AM St. Louis Park High School 6425 W 33rd StreetSt. Louis Park 55426

2.2) County Convention

This is the alternate track convention if you're most interested in these offices. This year, Hennepin county sheriff and country attorney is not on the ballot so it will be much less contested. However, there are candidates for Hennepin County Commissioner that will be running for seats in 2020, and those are highly impactful positions. County offices on the ballot this year are:

  • County Commissioner for Districts 1, 5, 6 and 7

  • Park Commissioner for Districts 1, 3 and 5 of the Three Rivers Park District

Hennepin County Convention: April 18th TIME TBD (AM) Hopkins North Junior High School, 10700 Cedar Lake Rd, Minnetonka, MN 55305. Facebook page for Hennepin County DFL has lots of info about this convention.


3) Congressional District Convention

At this convention endorsements are made for U.S. House of Representative. More speeches from candidates, etc. If there is a governor's election on the ballot, governor candidates will show up here. We're all in CD 5 in Golden Valley so this convention is in the same place for all:

CD5 Convention May 9th South High School 3131 S 19th Ave, Minneapolis Minneapolis 55407 *TIME TBD*

4) State Convention

At this convention business is (depending on who has an election):

  • Endorsing candidates for both U.S. Senate seats

  • Endorse candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state auditor, and U.S. Senate.

  • Elect DFL State Directors

  • Present and deliberate amendments to the State DFL Constitution and Bylaws

  • Consider proposed resolutions for inclusion in the DFL Ongoing Platform and Action Agenda

During a presidential election cycle, you also elect delegates to the national convention here.

DFL MN CONVENTION: Friday May 29, 2020 – Sunday May 31, 2020. Rochester MN, Mayo Civic Center.

5) National Convention

2020 Democratic National Convention: Monday July 13 – Thursday July 16. Milwaukee, WI. Fiserv Forum, 1111 Vel R. Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203.

Here is some more info on how to get on the delegate track to go to the national convention, but you can also ask when you show up at your conventions.

Lots more from the DFL for planning for their caucuses and conventions here.

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