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Golden Valley City Council elections

A brief run-down of my two picks for Golden Valley City Council.

1) Gillian Rosenquist. Gillian interned at the ACLU and has been involved in social justice issues throughout her life. She worked at LegalCorps, which serves low income people and new American immigrants, and has a law degree which I think will be immensely useful to the Council (no lawyers on it at present). She leans green and maintains her yard chem-free – yes I asked her! She has also worked on the city commissions; she's currently Vice Chair of Open Space & Recreation Commission, and worked on Light Rail. She knows how to get things done in the City government. Her work style is deeply thoughtful, considered, fair and mature (these are things I value in our current political climate). I'm choosing her over Jim Ryan (the other DFL-endorsed candidate) because I think she has more awareness of diversity issues and a broader perspective that will serve all Golden Valley residents. She also lived in Seattle for a while, and I always like people who have gotten out of the Midwest bubble for fresh perspectives and new ideas that might benefit Golden Valley.

Happily, in addition to being the best candidate with the most experience, Gillian is a woman and that appeals to this old-school Dem who still believes representation is important and would like to see more women on the Council. She's also quite funny, smart, and a passionate lover of obscure indie bands, which my musician's heart appreciates.

Gillian's website, a video, and a local news appearance. 2) Larry Fonnest, we all know is great :) He took the immigration issue very seriously to heart when we raised it to the Council, and did his homework. He has served effectively on the Council and clearly cares. In addition to being one of the most engaged and accessible members of Council who has proven his smarts, I like that he is an openly gay man and again, I think representation for all our residents is important. I will vote for him wholeheartedly! Larry's website and a City Pages article.

Of the two, Gillian will have the toughest road to victory (it's always easier to win as an incumbent and Larry is an experienced campaigner), so please take a moment this week to spread the word to your neighbors or on social media! We have real shot at strengthening the council with a smart, broad-minded, thoughtful, legally-trained woman and I'm keeping fingers crossed.

Gilllian Rosenquist, wearing an appropriately-colored sweater!

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