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A wave takes a lotta drops: How you can help in 2018!

Wave elections don't just happen, and if we want a Blue Wave in 2018 it's looking like we're each going to have to swim like heck for it. Trump lost by 1% here and the GOP is licking its chops and targeting Minnesota heavily (already having high-profile fundraisers with visits from Pence and others) because we have elections for so many seats – everything from Governor to our House of Reps to our constitutional officers. People are calling Minnesota ground zero for the Blue Wave; in other words, it's all hands on deck time. If you're still looking for ways to plug in, here's a few ideas!

NOTE: Handy Links

Find your district/reps

Red/Blue zones, House of Reps MN with PWS target races

All House of Rep candidates (almost all, under construction)


1) Door-knocking

I've posted about this here, but doorknocking and in-person contact have the most impact on elections. Find a candidate in a light blue (defend!) or light pink (flip!) district for the House or Reps (see the red/blue zone link above) or door-knock for your rep (see the Find your district/rep link).

We've also just learned that Michelle Fischbach has resigned her MN State Senate seat. This gives us a chance to flip the MN Senate as well as the house b/c we are just one seat away in the MN Senate. Volunteer for DFL state senate candidate Joe Perske.

Or look into the county-level elections, there are some crucial elections happening at the county level (like the races for sheriff and County Attorney!). All these candidates need people on the doors.

On the national level we need to flip Erik Paulsen and Jason Lewis' districts, so consider volunteering for Dean Phillips or Angie Craig. Also in the national congressional race, Rick Nolan has announced he's resigning (CD8), and his seat will be vulnerable. Stay tuned to see who the DFL candidate will be (it's going to a primary).

Take the two-for-blue pledge and plan on doing two shifts of doorknocking per month (June – November) for any of these candidates.

2) Register voters

I've put this second but it is probably tied for first in terms of importance. If you don't want to doorknock, taking two shifts a month registering voters would be a great contribution.


League of Women Voters Minneapolis chapter: Has numerous trainings and events. Go to one training (like this one) and then you can volunteer for registration drives throughout the summer.

People Power (an ACLU group): Is doing trainings for any group that want to organize a voter registration drive. If you'd like a training for your group, contact:

Shea Hansen

ACLU People Power, Let People Vote Coalition


COPAL: Comunidades Organizando el Poder y la Acción Latina (or COPAL) is a new membership-based organization with a mission of: uniting Latinxs in Minnesota in active grassroots communal democracy that builds racial, gender, social and economic justice across community lines. They do a lot of voter mobilization. Volunteer/find out more.


Headcount is a national organization with local voter registration initiatives

3) Other types of volunteering for candidates

Reach out directly to candidates to:

  • Host lawn signs

  • Host a meet and greet at your house to build energy around your local House of Rep candidate: Ask for donations, sign up doorknockers, have a stack of lawn signs for people to grab

  • Offer to do data entry (they have to do a lot after doorknockers come in from the field etc.), stuff envelopes etc.

  • If you have a skill like photography, videography, analytics, graphic design or web design, offer them! Any dollar they can save from hiring that out will be a dollar they can spend on a lawn sign or traveling to an event.

  • Phone banking for candidates is always needed

Or reach out to the DFL coordinator here if you want to offer help in general to House Democrat candidates:

4) Donate

It's not super glamorous and may not feel that satisfying, but the GOP is flooding their MN candidates with funds and these mean attack ads, more resources to travel and talk to constituents, more FB ads etc. A donation directly to candidates or to the DFL is a noble action if you are short on time!

5) Work for the DFL

They need outreach coordinators, field organizers for candidates, and campus coordinators! Info here.


Talk to your family, friends and others about candidates. "Like" their pages on social media this list has links and makes it really easy for our target 11 races. Look into your county-level races and amplify them as well, particularly the DA and sheriff race.

7) Connect with the grassroots

Want to get more involved in grassroots activism or organizing? I recommend Take Action Minnesota. They've been at this a long time and know more than most about creating real change in a variety of ways :) Check out their Resistance Calendar and events.

Another way to get plugged in, find a local Indivisible group and join.

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